Andréanne Moran

Aesthetician by training for 5 years now, I got into entrepreneurship straight out of school. I had the chance to open my own beauty salon at that time. Since I was young, I have always been curious about this field and it is this curiosity that pushed me to further my studies in this field.

I am passionate and completely in love with the field of aesthetics. I've been getting up every morning for 5 years now and can't wait to get to work, I can't wait to go to my clients and provide for them.

I have the most beautiful job in the world because it matches both my love of aesthetics and my desire to help people.

And now I am honored to present a line of products that fully respect my values.

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Genesis of the project

In search of the perfect care

After 5 years of helping my clients in my aesthetic clinic, I was still looking for products that really make a difference on the skin. I could never find quality products that were suitable for all skin types while respecting my values and those of my clients...

In order to provide the much needed quality of care, I decided to launch my own line of products rather than wait for someone else to do it for me. I am proud to now be able to offer you quality formulas that are not tested on animals and are made with organically grown ingredients.

I look forward to the privilege of accompanying you in maintaining healthy skin.

See you soon,


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Crème contour des yeux BIOLISSECrème contour des yeux BIOLISSE

Crème contour des yeux BIOLISSE

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$76.00 CAD


5 reviews
$59.00 CAD


7 reviews
$52.00 CAD
BIOLAIT Cleansing MilkBIOLAIT Cleansing Milk
Sold out

BIOLAIT Cleansing Milk

3 reviews
$55.00 CAD

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